Recently Published Magazine Articles

I have not been consistent with updating my publications list. I will be working diligently to make this list complete and to add new publications in a timely manner. Please check back regularly for the latest updates.

Articles Published in 2021

  • “10 Tips to Boost Your Genealogy Research & Writing Productivity” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2021
  • “Do You Have the Notion? (Using Notion for Genealogy)” Internet Genealogy, December 2020/January 2021

Articles Published in 2020

Tracing Your Ancestors: Eastern European Research (Internet Genealogy Magazine)

Tracing Eastern European Ancestors Volume 2

New 2020 Edition!

This Tracing Your Ancestors series has been compiled by Lisa A. Alzo, an avid genealogist, writer and speaker with a passion for Eastern European research. Here is some of what is included: 10 Best Databases for Eastern European Research; Strategies for Researching Here… and Over There!; Poland, Ukraine and Galicia Research; 10 Eastern European Societies You Should Know About; New Collections at FamilySearch; Census Records; Understanding the Meanings, Suffixes, and Variations of Surnames; 17 Websites for Austro-Hungarian Research; Finding an Ancestral Village; 10 Eastern European Genealogy Resources You Might be Missing; Translation Toolkit; and Researching Ancestors from Volhynia by genealogist and lecturer Dave Obee.

Click here for more information.

Polish Roots
    • “Track Your Speaking Engagements with Trello (Advice from the Pros)” Your Genealogy Today, December 2020
    • “Using Excel for Genealogy” British Connections, Volume 21, Issue 4, October–December 2020, Newsletter of the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History
    • “Tracing Your Immigrant Ancestors with MyHeritage” Naše rodina (Quarterly of  the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International) Volume 32, Number 4, December 2020
    • “No More Excuses: Ten Tips to Finally Write That Family History” British
      , Volume 21, Issue 3, July–September 2020, Newsletter of the International Society for British Genealogy and Family History
    • “Find Your Polish Roots” Family Tree Magazine, Sept/Oct 2020
    • “State Guide: Illinois” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2020

Articles Published in 2019

    • “Family History eBooks Made Easier” Internet Genealogy, Aug/Sept 2019
    • “Measuring Your Success as a Genealogy Speaker” Your Genealogy Today, July/Aug 2019
    • “Hassle Free Heritage Travel” Your Genealogy Today, July/Aug 2019
    • “The Future of Genealogy” Internet Genealogy,June/July 2019
    • “Review: MyNdVault” Internet Genealogy, Feb/March 2019

Articles Published in 2018

    • “AirTable Review” Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2019
    • “Using an Evernote Digital Bullet” Internet Genealogy, Oct/Nov 2018
    • “Book Review: The Family Tree Historical Newspaper Guide” Internet Genealogy, Oct/Nov 2018
    • “”Review: Create Personalized Content with Padlet” Internet Genealogy, Aug/Sept 2018
    • “Review: Scrivener 3 for Mac” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2018
    • “Write Daily with Writely” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2018
    • “Bringing Ancestors to Life with Animoto” Internet Genealogy, Feb/March 2018

Articles Published in 2017

    • “Five Things You Need to Know About, Polish, Czech & Slovak Genealogy Research” Crossroads (Utah Genealogical Association) Winter 2017, Volume 12, Number 1
    • Persons of Pinterest Internet Genealogy, June/July 2017
    • Scanning with JoyFLIPS Internet Genealogy, June/July 2017
    • Tackling To-Do Lists with Things! Internet Genealogy, April/May 2017
    • Google My Maps Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2017
    • Mark Your Family Milestones with Twile Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2017

Articles Published in 2015-2016


Polish Czech Slovak Resources
        •  “Back To Your Roots (10 Tips for Crossing the Pond)” Family Tree Magazine Discover Your Roots Special Issue, Summer 2016
        • Attention Grabbers (8 Ideas to Share Family History)” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2016
        • “Mapping It Out: (Guide to Polish, Czech and Slovak Resources)” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2016
        • “Workbook: Naturalization Records” Family Tree Magazine, September 2015
        • “Modern Families” Family Tree Magazine, September 2015
        • “Cloud-Based Genealogy Tools” Family Tree Magazine, May/June 2015
        • “Reach New Storytelling Heights with Treelines” Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2015

Articles Published in 2013-2014

      • “Confessions of a Geneablogger” Internet Genealogy, Dec 2014/Jan 2015
      • “Immersion Genealogy” Family Chronicle, Nov/Dec 2014
      • “Hidden Treasures (Discover Your Roots in Bulgaria and Romania)” Family Tree Magazine, July/August 2014
      • “Analyze Your Writing with StoryToolz” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2014
      • “Voice Your Story with Voyzee” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2014
      • “Treasure Hunt” Family Tree Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013
      • “ Distraction Free Family History Writing” Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2014
      • Scapple: Your Virtual Family History Sketchpad, Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2014
      • “Say ‘Hello’ to Trello!” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2013
      • “A Minute… to Pin It!” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2013
      • “Five Ways to Get More from Evernote” Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2013
      • “10 Time Management Tips for Genealogists” Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2013
      • Saving Memories Forever” Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2013
      • “VoiceQuilt” Internet Genealogy, Dec/Jan 2013

Articles Published in 2011-2012

Cold Cases
      • “Mind Maps: Free Your Mind” Internet Genealogy, Oct/Nov 2012
      • Make Every Minute Count: Time Management Tips for the Professional Genealogist,” Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly, September 2012, Volume XXXIV, Number 3.
      • “Unlocking Pennsylvania” Internet Genealogy, Aug/Sept 2012
      • “Save Every Step” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2012
      • “Family History Writing App” Internet Genealogy, June/July 2012
      • “Review Scrivener” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2012
      • “In Praise of Evernote!” Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2012
      • “Tracking Ancestral Time, Online”, Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2012
      • “1000 Memories: The Way We Were” IInternet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2012
      • “Wild About Webinars” Internet Genealogy, Feb/Mar 2012
      • “City Guide: Pittsburgh” Family Tree Magazine, December 2011
      • “Become an Interactive Genealogist” Internet Genealogy, Oct/Nov 2011
      • “The Art of Teaching Genealogy,” Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly, September 2011, Volume XXXIII – Number 3
      • “Eastern European Research Made Easier” Family Chronicle Magazine, September/October 2011
      • “Skype your Genealogy!” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2011
      • “Cool Tools for Publishing Your Family History” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2011
      • “Cold Cases” Family Tree Magazine March 2011
      • “Detour to Your Roots” Family Tree Magazine March 2011
      • “Road Map to Your Roots” Family Tree Magazine, Jan 2011
      • “Buddy System” Family Tree Magazine March 2011

Articles Published in 2010

Forged In Steel
      • “Five Ways to Connect With Your Living Kin” Internet Genealogy Magazine October/November 2010
      • “Want to Record/Write Your Family History? Start Here!” Internet Genealogy Magazine October/November 2010
      • “15 Fantastic Sites for Tracing Female Ancestors” Internet Genealogy Magazine October/November 2010
      • “Thoughts of Self-Publishing” Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly September 2010
      • “Basic Training”Family Tree Magazine, Novemeber 2010
      • “Back to Baltics” Family Tree Magazine, Novemeber 2010
      • “Endangered Sources” Family Tree Magazine, August 2010.
      • “100 Years of Gratitude:  A Granddaughter’s Genealogical Journey” Slovo Summer 2010
      • “Getting More from Google” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2010.
      • “Ancestral Atlas” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2010.
      • “LivingGenealogy”Internet Genealogy, April/May 2010.
      • “Cloudy with a Chance of Genealogy” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2010.
      • “Cozi Up to Your Genealogy” Internet Genealogy, April/May 2010.
      • “Forged In Steel” Ancestry Magazine, January/February 2010
      • “Victory in Europe” Family Tree Magazine, January 2010
      • “Silent Voices: Identifying the Historical Significance of Slovak Immigrant Women” Jednota, Wednesday February 17, 2010

Articles Published in 2009

Recession-Proof Your Research
      • “Recession-Proof Your Research” Family Chronicle, July/August 2009
      • “Want to Find Long Lost Relatives? Write a Book!”  Family Chronicle, July/August 2009
      • “25 Super Slovak Sites!” Internet Genealogy Magazine, June/July 2009
      • “Darkness On The Doorstep: A Case Study” Internet Genealogy Magazine, June/July 2009
      • “The Future of Genealogy” Family Chronicle, May/June 2009
      • “A+ Attendance” Family Chronicle, May/June 2009
      • “Trouble Makers” Family Tree Magazine, May 2009

Articles Published in 2008

Where are your slovak ancestors really from?
      • “50 Websites You Might Be Missing” Internet Genealogy Magazine, September
      • “Hungary for History” Family Tree Magazine, September 2008
      • “Genealogy While You Sleep” Internet Genealogy Magazine, July 2008
      • “Clearly Canadian” Family Tree Magazine, May 2008
      • “What’s Your Type?” Family Tree Magazine, March 2008
      • “Sister Act” Everton’s Genealogical Helper, January/February 2008
      • “Where Are Slovak Ancestors Really From?” Ancestry Magazine, January/February 2008
      • “Unearthing Those Hidden Gems” Internet Genealogy Magazine , January 2008
      • “Do You Need a Genealogy Agent?” Internet Genealogy Magazine , January 2008
      • “There’s Something About Mary” Internet Genealogy Magazine , January 2008
      • “That’s Entertainment!” Family Tree Magazine, January 2008
      • “Ladies First” Family Tree Magazine, January 2008

Published in 2007

      • “What’s in That Genealogy Bank?” Internet Genealogy Magazine , November 2007
      • “Finding your Elusive Eastern European Ancestors: 10 Myths Busted” Family Chronicle Magazine, August 2007
      • “Seven Sins of Genealogists” Family Chronicle Magazine, October 2007
      • “Super Sources” Family Tree Magazine, May 2007
      • “If You Don’t Want Them, Shred Them” Nase Rodina, Quarterly of the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International, Volume 19, Number 1, March 2007
      • “Express Genealogy: 50 Family History Tasks You Can Do in 15 Minutes or Less” Family Chronicle Magazine, March/April 2006
      • “Morse Code:  Streamline Your Online Research” Internet Genealogy, March 2007
      • “23 Websites to Fire Up Your Family History” Internet Genealogy, March 2007
      • “Austro-Hungarian Research Online”,”Find the Celebrity in Your Ancestor” Internet
        Genealogy Magazine,
        January 2007

Published in 2006

      • “Customs Made” Family Tree Magazine, December 2006
      • “Case Study:  Searching for Sam”, “”,
        “Virtual Cemeteries” Internet Genealogy Magazine, October/November 2006
      • “20th Century Desperate Housewives”Family Chronicle Magazine (10th Anniversary edition), October 2006
      • “Effective Online Networking”Family Chronicle Magazine, August 2006
      • “Now Playing… Genealogy Podcasts” Internet Genealogy Magazine, July 2006
      • “Online Genealogical Research Communities” p.34,
        “Using Your Digital Audio Player for Family History” p.55
        Internet Genealogy Extra (special online issue), June2006
      • “Toning Your Family History Physique” Ancestry Magazine, May/June 2006
      • “Get in the Game” Family Tree Magazine, April 2006
      • “12 Steps to Genealogical Fitness” Ancestry Daily News, February 2, 2006
      • “Journey to the New World: The Ellis Island Database” Family Chronicle Magazine, Feb 2006
      • “Linkpendium” Internet Genealogy, February 2006
      • ” 365 Ways to Discover Your Roots” Family Tree Magazine, February 2006
      • “What Do I Care About Those People? They’re Dead” Ancestry Daily News, January 24, 2006

More Articles

    • “Key Contacts for your research” Family Chronicle, December 2005
    • ” 20+ Great Gifts for Genealogists” Ancestry Magazine, November/December 2005
    • “Finding Your Elusive Eastern European Ancestors” NGS NewsMagazine, Oct/Nov/Dec 2005
    • “Surfing for Slovak Ancestors Part 2” Ancestry Daily News. December 28, 2005
    • “Surfing for Slovak Ancestors Part 1” Ancestry Daily News. November 1, 2005
    • “Is an Online Genealogy Training Class for You?” Family Chronicle Magazine, October 2005
    • “DeMystifying Eastern European Research” Ancestry Daily News. July 18, 2005
    • “Center of Attention “ Family Tree Magazine, August 2005
    • “Virtual Reunion” Family Chronicle, July/August 2005
    • “Top 20 Sites for Eastern European Research” Family Chronicle, May/June 2005
    • “Family Reunions” Family Chronicle, May/June 2005
    • “Learning More About Your Athletic Ancestors” Ancestry Magazine, Mar/Apr 2005
    • “Telling Stories: Bring Your Family Tree to Life…” Western Pennsylvania History, Fall 2004
    • “A Beginner’s Guide to Slovak Research” FEEFHS Journal, Vol. XI, 2003
    • “ALAFFFA Celebrates 35 Years with All-American Picnic” Reunions Magazine, December 2002/January 2003, Volume 13, Number 3
    • “Generation to Generation: The Slovak Woman’s Role in Preserving Culture and Traditions” Nase Rodina, Newsletter of the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International, September 2002, Volume 14, Number 3